How Do I Heal My Root Chakra?

The root chakra is the center of our grounding to the physical world. Its color is red and it is associated with survival, instinct, kundalini energy, health, safety, stability, trust, and physical power.

The Sanskrit name of the root chakra is Muladhara and it is the first of the seven traditional chakras.

Where is the root chakra located?

The root chakra is located at the perineum, which is between the genitals and anus.

What does the root chakra represent?

Our root chakra connects to our sense of grounding and presence in physical world. It relates to our sense of safety, trust, and belonging on a fundamental physical level. It is responsible for our fight or flight response and our sense of self-preservation.

What are symptoms of a blocked or weak root chakra?

An imbalanced root chakra can feel either lethargic, dull, or heavy, or ungrounded, floaty or dissociated. There can be a lack of ability to focus or lack of follow through or commitment. It can also show up as pessimism or cynicism–an inability to trust life itself.┬áThere can be a sense of being lost or just not knowing what one is here on the planet to do.

A blocked root chakra can also lead to an overwhelming sense of frustration about life, because you are not connected into the flow of the Universe. There is a sense of always having to strive to achieve anything, and never being connected to the flow of the Universe. There can also be a sense of resentment at how others “have it easy”.

Depression and anxiety show up in the root charka and can paralyze forward movement. People can sometimes go the opposite direction and become reckless, taking unnecessary risks and putting themselves in harms way.

Root chakra balances can also show up as financial debt, financial recklessness, or a sense of poverty no matter how much money one has.

What does a healthy root chakra feel like?

When your root chakra is balanced and healthy, you can easily relax and be still. You are not run by fear & anxiety, and your overall sense of self is grounded and secure. You feel healthy overall, with enough energy and a sense of vitality.

You are able to take charge when needed to manage a situation, and you are especially good in emergencies or anything to do with survival. You “take care of business” and people describe you as “having your act together”, being practical and clear on what needs to get done and doing it.

A healthy root chakra can help us see things through when times are tough. This is where our determination and stamina live, and our faith in hard work and persistence. It is also the seat of courage and daring.

A healthy root chakra will also mean you can easily ask for support, and you are financially healthy and able to live within your means and do what you set out to do in life.

Which crystals help heal, clear, and balance the root chakra?

The best crystals to support the root chakra are deep red, brown, and black crystals.

For deep red crystals try ruby, almandine garnet, and deep red carnelians (carnelians range in color from orange to red), as well as bloodstone and red jasper.

Black crystals include black tourmaline, black onyx, hematite, shungite, and black obsidian.

Brown crystals include apache tears, petrified wood, smoky quartz, and various agates and jaspers.

Besides crystals, how can I support the root chakra?

You can support your root chakra is to heal any trauma you may have experienced. Trauma lodges in the nervous system and can stay there until you work through it. There are many trauma healing modalities, but some are the best are Somatic Experiencing and EMDR. Trauma may have been created by events in your past that you have no memory of, or that seemed minor at the time. It is really about your internal experience and whether you became overwhelmed and afraid–that is what creates trauma.

Ancestor work and intergenerational work like Ancestral Lineage Healing and Family Constellation Therapy can also help heal the root chakra.

Meditation and stillness can support the root chakra by sending a signal to your nervous system that all is well.

Physical exercise, wearing red or decorating with red, and being in nature and with animals can also support the root chakra.

Root Chakra Affirmations

  • My basic needs are met and I am safe.
  • I am created from the same materials as the stars and the sea and the rocks and the trees, and I belong here.
  • I stand for what I believe is right.
  • I am sufficient.
  • I am grounded in my body.
  • I trust Divine timing.
  • I allow myself to be part of the unfolding story of the Universe.
  • I am strong and capable.


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