Onyx Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Onyx

Onyx, like its close cousin agate, is an earth stone. Onyx enhances the attention and will, helping you sustain focused attention and discipline. It is helpful in any situation where you need to call on your inner strength to persevere through challenging circumstances, or you need your mind to be clear and focused.

Onyx can strengthen and boost your physical vitality, especially during or after draining tasks. It can help you stay on track on a health regimen whether that is diet, exercise, or getting enough sleep.

Onyx harmonizes well with any other quartz, like agate, jasper, or tiger eye. Combine onyx with sodalite or fluorite for more help with focus.

Onyx Mineral & Gemstone Information

Onyx is a form of banded chalcedony quartz, a silicate mineral. Black onyx is perhaps the most well-known, but onyx comes in a variety of colors. It is very similar to agate in its composition and range of colors. The technical difference is that onyx contains parallel bands, whereas the bands in agate are curved. The marketplace can be confusing, with some black onyx actually being agate dyed black, and others labelling banded calcite as onyx. (Agate and onyx are similar crystals, but calcite is a different mineral entirely.) These are all relatively inexpensive stones, so your best bet is to buy from a reputable dealer who can verify the material you are buying is actually onyx.

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