Orange Calcite Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Orange Calcite

Top 3 Benefits of Orange Calcite

  1. Helps you get moving if you are feeling lethargic or depressed
  2. Lifts your spirits and helps you see the world optimistically
  3. Increases your confidence in your creativity

Orange calcite works primarily on the second chakra, the center of our sexuality and creativity. It also can help support the third chakra, the seat of our will.

Orange calcite is a sunny, warm, energizing stone that helps you clear your aura of stagnant energy and get you moving toward your goals with confidence.

If you are stuck on a problem, orange calcite can help you shift your mindset to look for solutions. It has a lightening, playful effect that shifts the energy in a room.

If you have any trauma connected to your sexuality or sexual history, orange calcite can be useful to heal wounds and reclaim your capacity for pleasure. It is wonderful for working with any shame that inhibits you from living authentically as your passionate, creative, sexual self.

Orange Calcite Mineral & Gemstone Information

Calcite is made of calcium carbonate. Orange calcite ranges in color from pale yellow-range to vivid orange, and often has white streaks.

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