Moonstone Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone is the embodiment of feminine mystery. It corresponds to the High Priestess card of the Tarot, and is associated with intuition, the Divine Feminine, the subconscious and unconscious mind, and hidden knowledge.

Much of our modern world is focused around accomplishment, achievement, goals, progress, advancement, action, conscious intention, etc. These are all “yang” energies, associated with masculine energy. The complementary “yin” energies are ones of receptivity, mystery, wisdom, rest, rejuvenation, intuition, relatedness, and the unconscious. Neither of these is better than the other, and they are meant to work in harmony. However, there is a lack of balance in many people’s lives due to social expectations, leading to people feeling burnt out, empty, exhausted, and disconnected from themselves, their body, and each other. Moonstone can help restore balance by supporting the “yin” side of life.

Moonstone can also support the “right-brain” type of thinking which is non-linear and present-moment. If you want to let go of planning and analysis and experience immersive states of joy, connection, and insight, set aside some time to be still, let go of expectations, and meditate with moonstone.

Moonstone Mineral & Gemstone Information

Moonstone is a potassium aluminum silicate in the feldspar group of minerals.

It’s hardness is 6-6.5, so you shouldn’t store it right next to a much harder crystal or it may get scratched.

Moonstone can sometimes look like opal, but its iridescence is more limited in the range of colors.

Moonstone was known to the Greeks and Romans and has been used in jewelry dating back to ancient civilizations.

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