Charoite Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Charoite

Charoite helps the wearer accept their current position in life within the arc of human history while maintaining a bird’s eye view from the spiritual plane. This allows one to live life from two levels: the every day Earth level and the level of Cosmic awareness. This dual-vision supports letting go of attachments to things that don’t really matter in the larger scheme of things, as well as prompting the sensing of synchronicities and everyday magic.

From this wider perspective, it is possible to re-evaluate your life path to be more in alignment with what brings you joy. Instead of feeling subject to the whim of forces outside of your control, life is experienced as a co-created dance with the Cosmos in which sometime you lead and sometime you follow.

If you are feeling lost or confused, charoite can help you sense your place in the order of things, and find the path that feels right for you.

Charoite Mineral & Gemstone Information

Charoite is a unique silicate mineral found only in Siberia and named after the Chara River. It has a fascinating appearance of purple, white, and gray-black swirls that gives it a landscape appearance. Although it is not common it is also not expensive and makes a beautiful addition to one’s collection.

Charoite has a complex composition that includes potassium, sodium, calcium, and fluoride.

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