Opal Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Opal

Opal comes in a variety of colors, which have different properties. Overall, the “fire” in opal is a spiritual purifier, helping you burn through attachments and release unhealthy patterns from old wounds. It’s ideal for a time when you are doing inner work and ready to move through your stuff! Opal also acts as an amplifier, creating intense experiences.

White Precious Opal (Pictured)

This is the classic color that most people think of when they hear “opal”. White precious opal acts most strongly on the emotional body as a purifier. It amplifies emotional patterns so they can be identified and cleared to make room for pure joy.

Black Precious Opal

Black precious opal is similar to White precious opal, but the color forming the background behind the “fire” is dark instead of light. It is ideal for shadow work, journeying, shamanic work, clearing trauma, working with the unconscious–anything where you are going into dark, hidden, or unknown places in the emotional, psychic, or spiritual realms. It can help you stay connected to the Light as you explore the darkness.

Black precious opal also amplifies the emotions behind your intention and therefore help you manifest faster and more easily.

Fire Opal

This bright red-orange colored stone boosts the energies of the Sacral chakra. Expect passion, creativity, and states of ecstasy!

Opal Mineral & Gemstone Information

Opal is a hydrated silicate, meaning it is composed of silicone and water. Opal is known for its “fire” – the flashes of light that shift as you turn the stone. “Common opal” is opaque and doesn’t usually contain fire. Precious opal is the most expensive, and can be either black or white, which set off the fire beautifully.


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