Garnet Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Garnet

Top 3 Benefits of Garnet

  1. Helping you feel safe, secure, and grounded
  2. Alleviating worry & stress, especially around finances
  3. Supporting physical vitality & passion

Garnets of all types help with manifestation in the physical world. Almandine Garnet helps ground people who may get a little lost in flights of fancy create real-world results. It helps provide protection by helping you root firmly in your body and sense of self and resist attempts to manipulate or trick you. It has a slow, steady energy that is good if you tend to feel anxious or worried.

Garnet for Anxiety

Garnet is beneficial for frayed nerves or anxious personalities, or if you are looking to strengthen your sense of being supported by the Universe. It can help you through the anxious aftermath of traumatic events and to re-establish a sense of peace and tranquility in your life.

Garnet for Sensuality

Think of dark red wine and luscious chocolate-covered strawberries while relaxing on jewel-toned velvet sheets in a place you feel safe and secure. Garnet encourages the exploration of physical passion from within a safe space that makes the exploration of new ideas possible. If you are looking to attract a capable lover, spice up your love life within respected boundaries, or just explore the sensuality of your body in the comfort of your home, garnet can support you in these goals!

Garnet Mineral & Gemstone Information

While there are several types of garnet, almandine garnet is the deep pomegranate-red stone that is the most well-known. It has been known since ancient times and is relatively common.

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