Sunstone Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Sunstone

Top 3 Benefits of Sunstone

  1. Supports wise & empowering leadership
  2. Stimulates vitality, aliveness, and the energy to get up and go!
  3. Supporting physical & sexual vitality

Sunstone supports healthy Yang energy, the archetypal masculine. Sunstone supports self-confidence, courage, and sexual vitality, while transmuting anger and resentment into more productive channels.

Sunstone carries the energy of the Sun – the need, desire, and ability to shine no matter what the circumstances. If you long to express your un-dimmable enthusiasm for life, Sunstone is a great companion.

If you have creative projects that have been gathering dust, or latent leadership ability that you want to develop, Sunstone can help you grab the bull by the horns and jump in. Life is short, and there’s no time like the present!

Sunstone Mineral & Gemstone Information

Sunstone ranges from light orange to reddish-brown, and is a variety of feldspar. It is translucent and has copper inclusions which give it a sparkly look.

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