Iolite Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Iolite

Top 3 Benefits of Iolite

  1. Supports intuition, visioning, and other psychic work
  2. Helps you do shadow work & re-integrate lost parts of yourself
  3. Increases imagination and opening to inspiration

Iolite is one of the best stones for third eye chakra clearing and activation. This covers all aspects of seeing, vision, perspective, inner knowing, intuition, and divination.

The Stone for Psychics

If you want to do shamanic work, soul retrieval, or other deep inner work, iolite is definitely a stone you want to work with. It makes inner visions vivid and surfaces the material you most need to address for your growth.

Iolite especially helps those who are timid to journey into their own psyche. It supports you to face the unknown and trust the process.

Iolite helps people who channel insights intuitively, such as tarot readers, mediums, and astrologers. It can help with retrieving information about past lives.

Shadow Work

Shadow work is about reconnecting to those parts of yourself that are buried, rejected, suppressed, or disowned. Iolite helps you find these lost pieces of yourself and bring them back into the light so you can be whole.

Imagination and Vision

Iolite is also ideal for visionary artists or spiritual writers. It activates the mind’s eye as well as opening channels to higher realms for information and inspiration.

Meditation is another area where iolite can help. It enhances focus and the ability to detach and observe with objectivity.

Iolite Mineral & Gemstone Information

Iolite, also known as Cordierite, is a magnesium aluminium silicate usually also containing iron. It is sometimes called “Water Sapphire” and is used as a cheaper replacement although it is much softer than sapphire. It varies in color from deep to grayish-blue but is generally a violet-blue. It exhibits pleochroism, meaning it changes color in polarized light.

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