Amazonite Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Amazonite

Top 3 Benefits of Amazonite

  1. Helps you speak what is in your heart
  2. Supports inner strength to set boundaries
  3. Helps resolve inner conflicts

Amazonite supports discovering and speaking your personal truth in a way that is compassionate and often inspirational. It is a stone of peace and harmony, but a peace that arises from inner strength and harmony that rests on authenticity, not conformity.

Amazonite blends the qualities of compassion and honest self-expression to support communication that gets to the heart of the matter while staying in connection. It supports you to speak what is in your heart, while also supporting your ability to see others points of view, resolving conflicts by peaceful means.

Amazonite also facilitates truth-telling within yourself, helping resolve inner conflict and revealing inner truth. It helps with finding and expressing your boundaries and standing up for your needs.

Do you write, speak, teach, or sing (or want to?) Amazonite can help you find within yourself your unique inspirational gifts and support you to share them with the world. It encourages you to fearlessly put forth your deepest personal truth, and it is this willingness to share your truth that will inspire others.

How to Use Amazonite

Place amazonite on the throat chakra in crystal layouts to balance the throat chakra, or prior to engaging in speaking or singing to center yourself in your desire to share from the heart. Amazonite is ideal to wear regularly if you struggle with self-validation in the presence of pressure to conform, or you tend to go along with things that aren’t right for you.

Amazonite Mineral & Gemstone Information

Amazonite is a blue-green feldspar, a group that also contains moonstone and sunstone. It is opaque with white striations. Amazonite is easily fractured so it is usually made into cabochons rather than faceted. It is not expensive. It has been made into jewelry for more than 4000 years.

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