Sapphire Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Blue Sapphire

Top 3 Benefits of Blue Sapphire

  1. Increasing psychic awareness & insight
  2. Self-discipline
  3. Mental sharpness

Blue sapphire helps with mental order and discipline, as well as insight, mental sharpness, and intelligence. It helps with all sorts of discipline, making it a good stone to help you stick to a program of changing bad habits and developing better ones.

Blue sapphire can enhance ESP and psychic abilities and is used by channels and mediums to open channels to receive communication from higher planes & entities. It then also enhances the ability to communicate the wisdom received to others in a clear and powerful way.

Blue sapphire supports the throat chakra, helping you with communication and supporting you to share your insight & brilliance with the world. It also supports the third eye chakra, and helps bridge these two chakras. The result is an increased ability to receive wisdom and also communicate it to others.

Because it helps with order and organizing of ideas and communication, blue sapphire would be an ideal stone to help an author write their first book or help a teacher organize their lesson plans. It helps students focus on their studies, and strengthens mental boundaries.

Blue sapphire can also be helpful for anxiety and depression, because it enhances mindfulness and the ability to shift away from negative thoughts. Wearing blue sapphire to therapy can help you understand and integrate insight more thoroughly and help you retain more functional thinking patterns.

Sapphire Mineral & Gemstone Information

Sapphire is a variety of corundum, a very hard aluminum oxide. It has a hardness of 9, and it can scratch other gems if stored too close to them. Because of its hardness, sapphire has some industrial uses. While sapphire is known for being blue, corundum actually occurs in yellow, orange, purple, green and red. The red version of corundum is called ruby; all others are called sapphire.

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