Quartz Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Quartz

Clear quartz is the most useful crystal to use in crystal healing because it is a blank slate that can be programmed with your intention. With focused concentration in meditation, you can set your crystal to assist you with a particular goal, be it manifestation, healing, or any other outcome. It amplifies energy, including the energy of your intention, or the energy of other stones. It can thus support the work you are doing with other crystals.

Quartz crystals are essential tools to help with manifesting, because they remember the intention you set and can thus be strengthened over time to amplify your intention, as well as serve as a means to remember and focus yourself.

How to program a quartz crystal:

  1. Clear the crystal. Think of this as erasing a hard drive. Just like programming the crystal, it requires the intent to clear it. Hold the crystal in your hand and ask it to erase any previous programming or intention it might be holding, and release any energies it might have picked up. You can also use methods like holding it under running water or using sage, but the most important thing is your intention for it to be cleared of any prior programming and energies. Use your actions to help you to communicate your intention to clear the crystal and start with a blank slate.
  2. Hold the quartz crystal in your dominant hand, and visualize the outcome you wish. Imagine it is already complete and feel the way you will feel when that happens. Respectfully ask for the crystal to help you amplify this intention and accomplish this goal. Pour the feeling of the completed goal into the crystal. When you are finished, let the crystal know that you are done and that you now want it to hold onto that intention for you and amplify it. Thank it for its help.

That’s it! You can repeat the second step as much as you wish to strengthen the programming. If you want support to be reminded of the feeling you have previously programmed in, hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand and ask for support in remembering your intention and conviction that your goal is something you can and will accomplish.

Quartz as as Gemstone

Quartz can either refer to clear quartz or rock crystal, a family of stones that are varieties of quartz, like Rose Quartz and Amethyst, or to the silicon dioxide crystal which is a component of many other materials. Quartz makes up parts of many types of rock, like granite, as well as natural and man-made glass. It is used industrially in everything from radios to watches.

Clear quartz can be found all over the globe, and is often found naturally growing in hexagonal points but can be shaped and polished into a myriad of pieces. Quartz is also the main ingredient in glass.

Types of Quartz

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