I created this site to demystify crystal healing.

I want to make crystals accessible to anyone who is interested in energy healing in general or crystals in particular.

While there is a lot of information available on crystals, some of it is contradictory, and much of it is subjective. I wanted to make clear that while looking up the properties of a crystal can be a good starting point, the magic really happens when you work directly with a particular stone and have your own experience.

The content on this site is drawn from many sources, from books on the topic and from my own experiences working with the stones. But while I provide properties and descriptions which people are looking for, I also encourage people to trust and validate their own experience.

I want to empower you on your spiritual path, whatever it is.

I believe strongly that we each get to decide for ourselves what we believe and find out for ourselves what works for us. If you are putting together a “DIY spiritual path”, crystals are a great modality to explore.

I’m an explorer and am guided by my internal sense of what is true and right rather than any specific dogma. My values include:

    • seek magic & wonder
    • find out for yourself
    • feel deeply
    • hold lightly
    • honor both pain & joy
    • self-validate
    • keep it real
    • stay curious

I found crystals when I needed protection & nurturing.

While I have always been interested in jewelry and gemstones, I got more interested in crystals after I married someone who is in prison. As someone who is sensitive to emotional energy, I found the energetic toll of visiting a prison several times a week to be overwhelming. I experience the prison as an energetic vortex of grief and despair. Wearing and carrying stones helped immensely and they became my protectors and companions.

If you like crystal jewelry, I also run the site Beadage.net, which is where I started writing about gemstones. I live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

I hope I can empower you to heal & inspire you to trust the magic inside you. Let me know if you have any questions or requests for what you want me to write about!

~ Emma