Shungite Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Shungite

Top 3 Benefits of Shungite

  1. Purifying your aura and environment from negative energies
  2. Clearing stuck emotional patterns
  3. Strengthening your emotional and energetic boundaries

Shungite is best known as a stone people use to protect themselves from electro-magnetic fields (EMF). Since that has been covered in many places, we will focus on the emotional and spiritual benefits of Shungite.

Shungite can help you shift negative or stuck emotional patterns that form your “shadow self”. These are the parts of you that you have suppressed because they are painful or you find them unacceptable. Shungite is a grounding stone that helps purify and transmute stuck energy, allowing you to process the events of your life and your feelings around them with clarity and objectivity. As you do this emotional healing, the pain transforms into wisdom and compassion.

Wearing shungite is useful if you tend to pick up the emotions of others, and can be especially helpful for empaths and those in the healing professions. You can also place it in your environment to help absorb and convert negative energies into light energy. Think of it like an air purifier for emotional energy.

The gift of shungite is to be able to honor your true boundaries, without needing to defend or be rigid. This makes it helpful if you find yourself in codependent patterns. As you begin to own your past and emotions, you will be able to more clearly see where your responsibility ends and others begins. As you begin to show up fully in your own space and life and attend to your inner work, others will naturally adjust to this new energetic pattern.

Shungite Mineral & Gemstone Information

Shungite is almost entirely carbon, similar to coal, and is was originally found in the Karelia area in Russia. It formed around 2 billion years ago from rich organic deposits that were buried and compressed over time.

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