Turquoise Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Turquoise

Top 3 Benefits of Turquoise

  1. Increases self-acceptance & relaxing into your Divine nature
  2. Helps you integrate lost parts of yourself & find wholeness
  3. Supports forgiveness and compassion

Turquoise has the energy of an “old soul”. It helps us find serenity by encouraging the integration of all the lost or disowned parts of ourselves.

Embracing the light and the dark inside of us is the foundation of wholeness. If you find yourself trying to chase the Light and ignoring your shadow, turquoise can help you come to terms with whatever you’ve been running from. After all, it’s inside you, so it’s not going anywhere. You might as well give it some love. 🙂

This kind of self-acceptance is transformational. Processing difficult experiences helps us own our unique path and converts pain into wisdom. It also enables you to offer compassion to others rooted in your own healing.

Communication and Forgiveness

As a blue stone, turquoise supports the throat chakra. This means it helps in communicating clearly, standing up for yourself, speaking your truth, and expressing your individual creativity.

Underlying all communication is the relationship between those communicating. Because turquoise is a stone of acceptance, it encourages a generosity of spirit toward others. By freely giving kindness, your communication becomes healing to others and to yourself.

It’s a perfect stone to work with if you struggle to let go of resentment, and want to work on forgiveness.

Enlightenment through Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance can seem like just a form of self-care, and not directly connected to spirituality. But if you cannot accept yourself as fully Divine, you will be blocking your connection to Spirit as you strive to be good enough.

If you find yourself trying to earn your place in the Universe through being good or righteous, take a moment to reconsider. You can’t manipulate Spirit, and there is no need to. When you have an experience of true self-recognition of all that you are, you will shed these compensating behaviors and be able to act directly from your heart.

From a place of wholeness, there is nothing to earn and nothing to prove. We can drop all of this effort and just be our wonderful selves! The result is a sense of contentment and ease that takes no energy to maintain.

Turquoise Mineral & Gemstone Information

While commonly associated with the Southwest if you are from the United States, turquoise is actually found around the world and its use dates back to 5000 BC. Ancient examples of turquoise beads and decorative objects have been found in Egypt, Iran, and Tibet. In the New World, turquoise has been mined for about a thousand years and used by indigenous peoples throughout the Americas.

Turquoise is an aluminum phosphate mineral with copper and iron giving it its blue and green colors. The stones are opaque and often have black or white areas among the blue.

Other stones like howlite are often dyed to look like turquoise, so be careful when looking that you know the source of your turquoise and can verify it is genuine.

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