How Do I Heal My Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra is the center of self-expression and communication. Its color is blue and it is associated with truth, authenticity, self-acceptance, innovation, and seeking knowledge. Healing it can resolve communication difficulties, empower you to speak up for yourself, and help you live a creative and purposeful life.

The Sanskrit name of the throat chakra is Visuddha and it is the fifth of the seven traditional chakras.

Where is the throat chakra located?

The throat chakra is located at the base of the neck.

What does the throat chakra represent?

It’s all about showing up as who you really are and sharing it with the world. The throat chakra propels us to seek out and live our truth despite those around us disagreeing or doubting. It is connected to all forms of communication, but especially speaking and singing.

A balanced throat chakra helps us set boundaries as needed, standing up for what is right, and forging a new path that is exactly right for you. It’s about honoring your own integrity.

It’s also the home of listening and dialogue. Once you accept yourself and take up space, it is easier to give space to others.

What are symptoms of a blocked or weak throat chakra?

Self-doubt and Social Anxiety

In your personal life, you may have a hard time telling people how you really feel. You have self-doubt about whether you have the right to feel what you feel or need what you need.

There can be a lot of negativity and self-criticism based in doubt about who you are and what you have to offer the world. You constantly self-edit and worry about things you’ve said. This can lead to a lot of inner churning and anxiety.

You feel constantly misunderstood. A pre-occupation with yourself makes you unable to listen. This can result in a disconnect in social situations which eventually results in social anxiety. It can lead to paranoia about others intentions.

Creative Blocks

If you are a writer or artist, it can feel like you haven’t “found your voice”, or that you don’t want anyone to see your work. It can show up as stage fright or inability to express thoughts well.

Relationship Problems

In relationships, you can feel like you have to hide who you truly are and misrepresent yourself or even outright lie to meet your needs. You feel like who you are is not acceptable so you pretend to be someone else. Being secretive leads to conflict which is hard to resolve because you can’t just be honest and let the chips fall where they may.

Being Harsh & Critical

If the throat chakra is overactive, it can show up as being critical, harsh, and opinionated. The self-doubt is projected outward onto others. This can look like a person who seems to take up all the space in the room, talking over other people and actively spreading negativity or gossip. They don’t “read the room” and come across as rude or pushy. Picking apart others creativity has become a cover for not feeling confident in sharing their own.

Physical Symptoms

Physically a blocked throat chakra can manifest as throat-related symptoms like frequently getting coughs, sore throats, and tonsilitis. It can also show up as fatigue, speech impediments like stuttering, or over-eating.

Problems With Other Chakras

Because energy flows from other chakras to the throat chakra to be expressed into the world, a blocked throat chakra can cause problems with other chakras as well. Humans are creative animals and need to share and express to stay balanced.  Blocking the flow of energy through the throat chakra can cause the whole energy body to feel stagnant.

What does a healthy throat chakra feel like?

Easy & Confident Communication

People with a healthy throat chakra can communicate easily, and you have a gut sense that their words are aligned with reality and who they are. They have no need to pretend or put on a false front.

In conversations, they are clear and straightforward and can give and take feedback easily without taking it personally. They are curious about others.

Originality & Natural Creativity

Balancing your throat chakra supports you to be creative in your own original way. It doesn’t feel forced or like you are putting on a show–you are just being your wonderful self. You are confident in who you are and are neither shy nor grandiose.

Inner Peace & Generosity of Spirit

There is a sense of inner peace and calm that only comes with being content with oneself and happy in your own skin.

Because there is a lack of inner conflict, there is room for kindness and gentleness in speech. A healthy throat chakra gives us the ability to listen deeply. The phrase, “Talk so others listen and listen so others talk” embodies a healthy throat chakra.

Which crystals help heal, clear, and balance the throat chakra?

All blue stones support the throat chakra. Here are some of my favorite options.

Amazonite is blue-green and supports both the heart chakra as well as throat. It supports you to speak the truth of your heart and resolve conflicts peacefully. It helps you resist pressure to conform and stay true to yourself.
Aquamarine is also a stone that is connected to both the throat and heart chakras. It helps with emotional healing and supports a deep sense of trust in the larger path of your life and your connection to the Divine.
Blue Kyanite helps you communicate with spiritual allies. It helps build bridges, making it good for resolving conflicts.
Sodalite is a stone of mental and intuitive awareness. It enhances creativity, analysis, and deep insight into one's mind.
Turquoise is a distinctive blue-green color and has been used as a gemstone for thousands of years. Turquoise has a unique energy of compassion and wisdom that supports wellbeing and the ability to let go and be at peace.
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue stone with sparkly inclusions of pyrite. Lapis acts as a gateway to information and inspiration from other realms, helping you find deeper truth and access visionary awareness.

Other good throat chakra stones include blue lace agate, which is calming and helps with anxiety. It helps you communicate in a way that is a steadying influence on others as well. Agates are very nourishing stones with gentle energy.

Besides crystals, how can I support the throat chakra?

  • Wear or decorate with blue, or meditate on the color blue.
  • Take a communication class or read a communication book.
  • Learn and practice assertiveness skills.
  • Sing in the shower or car.
  • Practice mindfulness in your speech and actions.
  • Try painting, dance or another expressive art.
  • Try art therapy.
  • Let yourself cry when you need to.
  • Call up a friend for a heart to heart chat.
  • Find an authenticity based Meetup group in your area, like Authentic Movement or Authentic Relating.
  • Practice hard conversations beforehand so you feel confident.
  • Attend an event with chanting.

Sometimes the throat chakra is out of balance because lower chakras are not fully supported, so check those as well. The first chakra helps with fear and anxiety, the second chakra with creativity and the third chakra with power and confidence. The heart chakra helps you know what is in your heart. Every chakra depends on the ones below it, because energy flows upward from your root.

Throat Chakra Affirmations

  • I have the right to be me.
  • It is safe to express my thoughts and feelings.
  • I honor my body’s messages to me.
  • I am content.
  • My purpose is to create and share from my unique perspective.
  • I listen to myself, others, and the Universe.
  • I am happy to share my creativity with the world.
  • Everyone gains when I am myself.
  • I’m on Earth to be me, not someone else.
  • It’s OK to be me.
  • My feelings and needs are right for me.
  • I’m ready to shine.
  • I’m perfect just as I am.
  • My truth is mine and stands alone.
  • I speak from my own authority.
  • The more authentic I am, the more I will attract the right people for me.
  • I trust my perceptions.
  • I accept that not everyone will like me, and I am going to be me anyway.
  • The world needs my voice.
  • I release resentment and accept responsibility for my own needs.
  • I am ready to live my truth!


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