What to Do When Crystals Aren’t Working For You

This is for people who are working with crystals but are struggling to see results. Your health isn’t improving, you aren’t creating the love, wealth, or success you want, and you don’t know why.

First, I want to say I get how this can be totally frustrating and disheartening. The first step is to acknowledge that and have compassion for yourself. Take a deep breathe and allow yourself to feel discouraged. Fully feel where you are at.

Next, let that build-up of emotions go. Otherwise, it will keep interfering. You need to fully feel your longing, and then let go of the expectations you’ve built up in order to come to this with a fresh slate. Remember, doing the same thing will not get you different results.

So, resolve to let go of your disappointment, and be open to new ideas and new actions. (This may take some time if you have been building up frustration for a while).

What is your relationship with healing?

Now, I want to offer you a new perspective on why things aren’t working for you. It starts with a story…

Years ago, an acupuncturist friend of mine said something that has always stuck with me: he said he only wanted to work with clients who were at least as invested in their health as he was.

My first knee-jerk reaction was, geez, that’s asking a lot. Isn’t that your job? (I wasn’t all that invested in my own health at that point in time…).

But as I thought about it, I realized that of course, even though he was a doctor and paid to be invested in your health, he isn’t living in your body. Of course you should be at least as invested as he is. If not, you are hiring someone to make up for your essential lack of self-care. And that’s going to be frustrating for a healer. He wanted to be a partner in people’s health, not an enabler of someone’s self-neglect.

Many people treat healthcare as something you can outsource to your medical professional. Let them worry about your body, so you don’t have to. This is an attitude we are encouraged to have by pharmaceutical advertisements: take this pill and your problem will disappear.

That’s not how healing works.

Crystals are a form of intentional medicine (yep, I just made that phrase up, but I like it!). That means they just don’t work like taking a pill. Your intention matters. And if your intention is to tune out and treat crystals like an object that will save you from your problems without you doing any hard work yourself, you’re not going to get the results you want.

Think of it this way: if you were a crystal entity, would you want to work with someone with that attitude?

Crystals are beings with which you form a healing relationship. And relationships give back what you put into them.

Think about romantic relationships. Many people approach love like it’s going to make up for every bad thing that’s ever happened to them. A relationship can be an incredibly powerful, transformative force, and one of the most powerful healing paths out there. But it requires you to give up the idea that your partner is there to save you. They are there to be a mirror and catalyst to serve up all the unhealed parts of yourself. They are a witness, a companion, and a friend. But the healing work is yours to do. It always will be.

Lovers, doctors, crystals, teachers, and friends can help you in your healing process. But they cannot do it for you.

So if something isn’t working with your crystals, start by looking at yourself.

Healing starts with taking responsibility.

This is crucial. Healing is fundamentally a process of releasing that in you which is not already Divine, whole, and perfect. If you are not taking responsibility, you are living in a state of believing in your own inadequacy, victimhood, or powerlessness. That in itself is blocking your healing.

Taking responsibility is owning your sovereignty over your life, your path, and your experience. It is claiming your wholeness from the outset.

So if your crystals aren’t working the way you expect or want, ask yourself these questions:

  • How am I avoiding responsibility for my situation or problem?
  • What would taking responsibility require of me in terms of learning, growing, or facing something I’m avoiding?
  • Am I ready and willing to do that work right now?

It’s completely OK if you are not yet ready or willing. Healing cannot be forced.

In fact, it’s good information that you need to take a step back and focus on nourishment and building resiliency, rather than pursuing transformation.

But let’s say the answer is yes. Let’s say you recognize where you have been avoiding responsibility, and you’re ready to face things.

Bring this new willingness to your crystals.

I recommend using sage, palo santo, or other clearing methods to clear both you and your crystals for this step. Remember, this is about a fresh start in your relationship, and clearing is an essential part of energetic medicine.

Sit quietly with your chosen crystals and talk to them. Tell them what you’ve been avoiding and that you are ready and willing to face it. And then ask for help and to be shown what is next.

This is the shift of intention that will enable your healing relationship to flourish.

After you have taken this time to reconnect, be on the lookout for openings and opportunities that show up, whether external or internal, to further your healing journey and bring you closer to your desired outcome.