The Real Secret to the Law of Attraction

The teachings in the movie The Secret are incomplete. The original version included information about the vibrational nature of the Universe, and then it was removed. This is why Esther Hicks (who channels Abraham), who originally popularized the concept, doesn’t show up in later versions–because vibrations are essential to the teachings, and they did not want to be involved once they were removed.

Why is an understanding of vibrations essential to understanding Law of Attraction? Because without it, it’s too easy to get into a mode of thinking that we somehow control the Universe and can bend it to our will through our thoughts and visualizations. We can’t. Human beings are essentially receiving devices, and what we receive and translate are vibrations. We receive and translate these vibrations as thoughts and impressions, and then our feelings tell us if those thoughts are what we want or not. The more we focus on thoughts that make us feel good, the more we resonate with the vibrational essence of what we want. When we are transmitting vibrations of things we want, the LOA will match us up with them and we will be able to receive them into our experience.

Our job here on Earth is to receive and sort through what we receive from our internal and external environment, sifting out what we do and do not desire to experience more of. Our job is to identify what we want, and then align with Source to allow it to manifest. We are not the ones actually creating it though–that is Source’s job.

The Law of Attraction works on every single aspect of the Universe, matching things up on a vibrational level. That means that things that don’t appear connected will match up, even if they don’t appear on the surface to be alike. For example, think of someone who is a “rescuer” and takes too much responsibility, and other person who is a “victim” and takes too little. They seem like opposites–but they are actually two sides of the same vibrational coin–two people who are other-focused and out of balance around the topic of responsibility. This is essential to realize because you may be attracting what you don’t want simply because you don’t see the resonance in your thoughts because you aren’t considering the vibrational nature of reality.

Emotions are evidence of your vibration, and hence your point of attraction.

Your vibrational point of attraction is something you can figure out by either looking at what you have attracted, or looking at how you feel.

Your feelings are a better indicator, because whatever you have attracted is based on your point of attraction in the past. Physical manifestations are the last step in the manifesting process–your thoughts and feelings are where manifestations start, so they are what to focus on if you want to manifest something different than your current reality.

Simply put, if you feel joy, empowerment, freedom, and love, you are a vibrational match to things that make you feel good. If you feel depressed, worried, fearful, pessimistic, or doubtful, you are a vibrational match to things that will make you feel bad.

The real secret to manifesting is to learn how to generate unconditional happiness regardless of circumstances.

The secret to manifesting is to make your happiness unconditional, rather than based on whatever conditions you find yourself in, i.e. whatever is happening around you or inside you.

Generally, people who are drawn to the Law of Attraction are wanting something to be different in their lives, and they think they will be happier if they had it. But visualizing and thinking about it isn’t by itself going to create it, if that visualizing and thinking is coming from a place of vibrational lack. And you can tell by how it feels to you when you do it. If you feel a sense of desperation, of yearning, of needing life to change to be OK…then your emotions are telling you that you are vibrating at a frequency of lack, not one of abundance.

How exactly do you generate unconditional happiness?

Unconditional happiness is essentially a habit you need to develop. It starts with switching your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want, but eventually you will begin just being spontaneously happy for no reason! Here are some tips.

Recognize that this will put you at odds with most people’s beliefs. There is so much in our popular consciousness that says that your emotions are contingent on your experience, and that you simply can’t be happy unless you have some external thing making you happy. So, accept that you are going against the grain and that your happiness is more important than fitting in.

Decide that you no longer are willing to use anything as an excuse to not be happy. This may mean not talking about certain subjects with other people, because they will try to convince you that you have to be unhappy about it. Let’s say that you find out your partner cheated on you. Your girlfriends will probably expect you to complain, be sad, be angry, etc. If you instead decide that it was their choice and really doesn’t mean anything about you, you might even be accused of being in denial or “spiritual bypassing”.

Find role models of happy people who don’t sweat the small stuff. You may need to do this specific to your particular issue. For example, if you are trying to manifest a good relationship, do some research on how securely attached people show up in relationships. I like watching YouTube videos made my couples who have a positive dynamic and feeling into what that’s like. This is especially important if you didn’t have good role models growing up.

Track and change negative habits. If you have habitual negative responses to certain stimuli, track what they are, and avoid the stimulus until you can establish yourself in a new emotional habit. Don’t beat yourself up–maintain a positive attitude about this process itself. All beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking, and all habits can be changed, it just takes time and repetition.

Change your attitude about negative events. As you work to clean up your vibration, you may still attract negative things due to lingering momentum, or just aspects of your vibration that you weren’t aware of. Sometimes we can have mental habits that we are so used to that we don’t realize we are thinking thought that don’t serve us. In this case, a negative event can serve to help us realize and clean up that aspect of our thoughts. Develop an attitude of curiosity and discovery about what in you may have attracted this experience.

Happiness is who we truly are.

As you begin to cultivate unconditional happiness, you get closer to the vibration of Source. This is the key to manifesting, because as we resonate with Source, we resonate with all of the good things we desire, and then we can receive the into our experience.

But deeper than just what you can attract–deep and unconditional happiness gives you a feeling of invincibility. When you know that nothing in this world can shake you from your knowing that happiness is your birthright, that is the most powerful feeling on Earth.

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