Bad Crystals: Do Any Stones Have Negative Properties or Bring Bad Luck?

The short answer is: NO. No crystals have negative meanings, energy, or intentions. There are no “bad crystals” because crystals are here to be our allies in our growth, evolution, and healing. No crystals will bring you bad luck or energetically hurt you.

However, that doesn’t mean you might not have what feels initially like a negative reaction to a particular stone.

What a negative reaction to a crystal can mean:

    1. This stone is not the right energy for what you need right now. For example, if you need gentle, nourishing healing & grounding, then a very high-vibration stone like Selenite can be the opposite of what you need.
    2. This stone is bringing up suppressed feelings in order to facilitate healing. This can be true of transformational stones like Moldavite.
    3. The crystal has picked up negative energy from its environment and needs to be cleared. You can do this with sage smoke, placing it on Selenite, putting in sunlight for a few hours (if it doesn’t fade in sunlight), placing it next to a healthy houseplant, or running it under water (if it is water-safe).

Your energetic reaction to a stone is information about yourself.

Crystals are energetic tools and allies, and they interact with your energetic state.

If you are unsure of what your stone is trying to tell you, you can commune with your stones in meditation, talk with them, and ask them to help you understand any reaction you are having.

You can also try spending a little bit of time with a stone over a period of days, to get used to its energy slowly. Sometimes a stone that you have a strong reaction to can be your biggest ally if you work with it more.

Or, if you really can’t seem to make it work, choose another—there are hundreds of types and colors of crystals to choose from and there is bound to be one that works for you.

Caveat: some crystals can be toxic if put in water

It is possible to have negative physical reactions to a stone that, for example, releases toxins when put in water. That’s why it’s very important to know which crystals are water safe and which aren’t. But this has nothing to do with the energy or meaning of crystals. It’s just about the mineral composition of the stone.