How Do Crystals and Chakras Relate to Each Other?

Crystals and chakras are related through color. Chakras each have one or more colors associated with them, and most crystals of a particular color are going to be supportive of the chakra of that color.

Here is a table of chakras and the colors and meanings they are associated with:

Chakra Colors Meanings & Properties
Root Chakra Black, Brown, & Red Survival, Grounding, Nourishment, Practicality, Grief
Sacral Chakra Orange Creativity, Sexuality, Passion, Vitality, Emotions
Solar Plexus Chakra Yellow Willpower, Strength, Manifesting, Action, Confidence
Heart Chakra Green and Pink Love, Connection, Affection, Compassion, Abundance
Throat Chakra Blue Communication, Self-Expression, Truth, Voice, Focus
Third Eye Chakra Indigo Vision, Imagination, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Sight
Crown Chakra Purple, White Spiritual Connection, Unity Consciousness, Thought

This is a general guide or overall pattern–not a hard & fast rule.

Many crystals are related to more than one chakra or have properties that correspond to different chakras than their color would dictate.

Additionally, some crystals like fluorite or agate come in many different colors. In this case, individual colors of these crystals will correspond differently. For example, blue lace agate corresponds with the throat chakra, while fire agate corresponds with the root and sacral chakras.

How to heal your chakras with crystals

If you are looking to heal your chakras, I highly recommend doing a body layout on a regular basis. This is where you lay down for 30 mins and place a stone on each of your chakras. If you do this daily as a wellness practice, it helps heal and balance all your chakras at once.

I believe this is ideal because the chakras all interact with each other. For example, if your third eye chakra is opening and you are blocked in your root chakra, you will feel extremely ungrounded and perhaps scared of what you are seeing. This isn’t really a problem in your third eye but rather in your root. These interactions can sometimes confuse where the problem really is, and working on them all together solves that problem.

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