How to Manifest with Love (Instead of Trying to Bend the Universe to Your Will)

Last time I wrote about how having both your will and your heart involved will help you manifest wealth with a lot more power than either alone.

But there’s another secret to manifesting that I want to share with you today.

There are two basic ideas about how all this stuff works–and what your motivation should be around all this spiritual stuff.

  1. The Universe says yes to everything, and you can manifest whatever you want. Money, cars, wealth, whatever you can dream of, you can have. Just vibrate in alignment with what you want, and it will be yours. You are a creative being.
  2. You have a Divine purpose, a plan, an intention for what you wanted this life to be about, and that’s what you should be doing. It usually involves joy, love, and service. You are here to learn lessons, and awaken to your true Divine nature and become an expression of Divine love here on Earth.

These sound (to me) like they are at odds with each other. Am I supposed to want a life of ease and materialism, or service and surrender? Which is more spiritual–creating what you want out of nothing but your imagination, or walking a path laid out for you before you were born?

Then there’s karma to clear, and past lives to resolve, and ancestors to heal, and Spirit guides…how the heck are you supposed to figure out what to do with your life to be “spiritual”?

I think perhaps nobody really knows the complete answer, but here is my Unified Divine Theory of Everything...

We came to Earth with a plan for ourselves.

It doesn’t have to be to “learn lessons” or “be of service” though. It might be to plant the world’s biggest tulip patch or simply to love your family and provide for them. Not everyone is here to “be epic” or transform the world. I think the pressure we put on ourselves to have an astonishing life hurts our heart.

But we did come here to do something. A lot of divination is centered around finding out what that something is. Astrology can help you determine what it might be, Spirit guides can tell you if you are off-track, but it’s still actually up to you how you live this life once you get here. And you might change your mind as your life evolves.

That said, we have a built-in guidance system that helps keep us on track by giving us feelings as feedback as to whether we are meeting our needs. And doing what you came here to do is something we experience as a need. Life feels kind of off if we don’t do it.

Does that mean we are a slave to our “intended life”? No…it’s more that we are still the same entity that made that plan, and it’s likely we still actually want to do it. We just are in a form that is extremely forgetful of who it actually is and what it actually wanted.

You still have a choice though. You can trust that on whatever higher plane you were on before you decided to come to Earth, you had more insight and a wider perspective, and set up a plan that was probably pretty good.

Or you can say, you know, I think whatever I planned turned out differently than I anticipated so I’m going to make some changes.

But the thing is, your Higher Self isn’t asleep. They are with you in real time, even if the communication channel is a bit fuzzy. So if the plan needs to change, they probably already agree and are already adjusting it.

The problem with resisting the plan is that you are only resisting yourself.

So here comes the next big hairy question. Are people who were really horrible, like Hitler, on their path? Do people plan to experience evil by being evil in this lifetime? Was Hitler carrying out his intention?

I would say no. And I say that not because of what he did, but because of how he looked doing it. He was angry, and driven by that anger. That isn’t the look of a soul in harmony with itself, and a body-mind with its needs met. And I think it’s that inner war that produced the evil.

If you look around, you will find that a lot of people doing destructive things are very unhappy, tortured souls. They didn’t come here to do that. Something happened and they lost their way.

And that’s the risk…we can lose our way, and lose it badly.

We can become so estranged from our soul and our plan for ourselves that we live our entire life in quiet desperation, or become abusive, or stay stuck in situations that drain our life force down to nothing.

I think sometimes we plan to be in those situations for a while to learn from the experience and break free of them. There is immense value in processing that pain and developing compassion for those who are still stuck.

I think sometimes we choose lifetimes in regions that are full of strife or famine or other hardships. But I think in those lifetimes, there is a path of inner peace and alignment. It may not be fun. It may be hard, and seem unfair, on a human perspective. But from the perspective of an immortal soul, it’s a life experience and to be honored as such.

But if you find yourself in a circumstance that doesn’t feel aligned, and you truly want a way out, I believe you can find it. The desires that come from deep inside us are markers of our path. And aligning with them, saying “yes” to them, brings an energy and power into our lives that cannot be opposed. So the key to having your heart’s desire…is simply embracing your heart’s desire. Acknowledge it. Own it. Settle into the truth of it.

The one thing that keeps us from having what we most want is a judgment or rejection of it. We feel guilty to want so much. We feel inadequate to dream so big. We feel afraid to shine so bright. We feel vulnerable to admit what we truly want inside. And so we don’t have it. But it’s not because it’s not ours to have. Simply wanting it that deeply tells us that it is ours.

Our job is simply to surrender and accept it.

So the question is, what is the desire in your heart?

If your heart truly desires flashy cars and a giant house, then you probably already know that. Heck, you are probably a stockbroker and not reading this blog at all.

But your heart might actually want something else. It might want meaningful work. It might want to know your family is supported. It might want ease and relaxation and less struggle. It might want to be able to travel, dance, or create beautiful things.

And if that is what your heart wants, and wealth (or at least more money than you currently have) would help you get there, you can manifest that by allowing yourself to know your own heart. You can say yes to your dream, in the quiet of your inner self. And that alignment will bring you what you need to have what you want.

If you aren’t sure what is really in your heart…

I get it. We get so many messages about what we “ought” to want that it can be really hard to even know the answer. Here are a few books I recommend that I have found helpful.

The following recommendations are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commision, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through that link. See my full disclosure here.

Your Heart's Desire: Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want
This is a cross between a book and a workbook for figuring out what you want. As you can tell by the title, it’s very straightforward! And it has 4.6 stars so it’s not just me who likes it. 🙂

This one is more career-oriented than Your Heart’s Desire, but it is life-affirming for people who just can never find that one box to put themselves in: now you don’t have to!

How to Be Everything: A Guide for Those Who (Still) Don't Know What They Want to Be When They Grow Up
This book is for people who never fit into just one "box" and struggle to figure out what career, job, or business to pursue. It's very practical about what it's like to live as someone with many passions.

And of course, there are crystals that can help. I really think the best crystal depends on where your blocks are, so I recommend reviewing how chakras and crystals relate to get a sense of which chakra seems to need support the most and go from there.