How Do I Heal My Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra is the center of our creativity, desire, sexuality, pleasure, and passion. Its color is orange and it is related to reproduction, libido, fertility, emotional balance, stamina, energy, and physical vitality. It is also the home of our emotional connections to other people and sense of tribe.

The sacral chakra Sanskrit name is Svadhisthana and it is the second of the traditional seven chakras.

Where is the sacral chakra?

The sacral chakra is located a few inches below your belly button, in your lower abdomen area. It also covers the genital area and organs, so the ovaries and testicles. On the back, it is in the lower spine area. It is also sometimes called the “spleen chakra” as this is where your spleen is located.

What does the sacral chakra represent?

The sacral chakra is the seat of our emotions, and governs our ability to respond and regulate our emotional life.

It is the home of our reproductive ability and fertility, as well as sexual desire. The sacral chakra connects us to our creativity as well as intimacy, joy, and passion. It is our basic “mammal” chakra, governing our ability to relate to others, feel a sense of connection and belonging in family and tribe.

While some intuition and vision comes through the third-eye chakra, strong “gut feelings” come through the sacral chakra.

What are symptoms of a blocked or weak sacral chakra?

Stuck Emotional Energy

The sacral chakra can often be where emotional traumas get stuck. This is especially true of sexual assault, but can be the case for any trauma or grief that has not been fully processed. Supporting your sacral chakra is a necessary part of successful grief and letting go, because emotional energy gets eliminated through the lower chakras just as our physical body elimination happens in this area.

Emotional Drama

If your sacral chakra is not processing your emotions and life experience well, it can show up as emotional over-reactivity. An unbalanced sacral chakra can cause excessive attachments or neediness and codependency and drama in relationships. It can also show up as jealousy, envy, and excessive anger.

Over-indulgence or Self-Denial

Sacral chakra imbalance can also show up as addictions, over-indulgence, or a sense of “insatiable desire”. On the opposite side, it can show up as excessive guilt about your desires, shyness, impotence, or rigid boundaries that prevent intimacy.

Lack of Vitality

A weak or blocked sacral chakra can cause a fear of being happy and experiencing pleasure, low libido, lack of passion or desire, or pessimism about life. It can also manifest as a tendency to daydream or excessively plan out enjoyment instead of going out and living and just enjoying the moment. There is a contraction and withdrawal around pleasure and sometimes self-sabotage out of fear.

Physical Symptoms

Physically, a sacral chakra imbalance can manifest as infertility, painful menstruation, miscarriages, endometriosis, and prostate issues. It can also show up as lower back pain, lack of energy, loss of appetite, inability to orgasm, or premature ejaculation.

What does a healthy sacral chakra feel like?

Satisfaction and Fulfillment of Desire

When your sacral chakra is healthy and strong, you will feel satisfied and happy with who you are, and fearless in pursuing what you desire. You will be able to enjoy what you love and feel fulfilled, without excessive attachment or compulsions.

Harmonious Relationships

People with a healthy and balanced sacral chakra have positive, harmonious relationships that work well and support both people. There is an absence of clinging and drama, and an ability to discriminate and set boundaries if a relationship is not healthy.

Resilience & Vitality

A healthy sacral chakra creates emotional balance and wellbeing, and a sense of resiliency with whatever life brings. It also brings vitality and physical energy, and a healthy enjoyment of sexual expression.

Which crystals help heal, clear, and balance the sacral chakra?

The best crystal for the sacral chakra is carnelian. Carnelian can range in color from pale orange to deep red. Look for an orange stone for healing the sacral chakra. Carnelian is great for cleansing and releasing any pent-up energy, stimulating libido and all your digestive organs, and boosting your physical energy & vitality.
Orange Calcite
Orange Calcite
Orange calcite supports creativity, playfulness, and innovation. It helps activate your motivation and jump-start any stalled projects. It’s also very supportive for healing from trauma and any wounding relating to creativity or sexuality, including sexual abuse.
Sunstone supports wise and empowering leadership, vitality, aliveness, and the confidence and ability to shine no matter the circumstances.

Lastly, for sexual issues, try a shiva lingam. These are elongated egg-shaped stones from India, and are well-known for their ability to activate kundalini energy and address sexual or reproductive imbalances. They are powerful stones that activate the entire chakra system and support spiritual transformation and surrender to Divine consciousness.

Besides crystals, how can I support the sacral chakra?

You can begin to heal your sacral chakra by working through any emotional traumas using creativity. Pull out a set of paints or oil pastels and let yourself intuitively represent your experience and emotions. Dancing is another good expressive art that can help you explore and release trauma. Be sure to leave time to sit with your feelings and just experience them, letting yourself cry, shake, or move in any way that feels helpful.

The sacral chakra is connected to the water element, so sitting by a lake or river and letting its energy wash through you is supportive to balancing your sacral chakra. Also, simply bathing and drinking lots of water is supportive.

Bring mindfulness to any area of your life where you are grasping on unable to let go. Work with this area either through therapy or just by setting aside time each day to track your experiences and be present to any feelings that are alive in you around it.

If you feel shut down around sexual expression, begin to learn and explore your body. Read books and educate yourself. Sexplanations is a great resource for this.

Physically, you can support your sacral chakra through elimination diets, fasting, juice cleansing, and other forms of detoxification.

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

  • I am beautiful, strong, and sexy!
  • I accept myself as a sexual being and release any self-judgment about my desires.
  • I enjoy having a body.
  • I respect my need for rest and take a break when I need it.
  • I allow my feelings to arise to be felt and released.
  • I seek the support I need to heal from trauma.
  • I am in touch with my feelings and desires.
  • It is safe to explore my sexuality.
  • I receive pleasure fully in my body.
  • I allow myself to be fully satisfied.
  • I am fully present in this moment.
  • I value and respect myself.
  • I honor my needs and my boundaries.
  • I trust the people around me.
  • I pursue healthy intimacy.
  • I trust my intuition and gut feelings.
  • I resonate with beauty and joy.
  • I let myself rest, relax, and enjoy being alive.
  • I love myself exactly as I am.


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