How to Heal the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the home of our connection to the Divine. It is the seat of consciousness and where we experience unity and enlightenment. Its colors are purple and white, and it is our connection to the Divine Universe.

The Sanskrit name of the throat chakra is Sahasrara and it is the seventh of the seven traditional chakras.

Where is the crown chakra located?

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head.

What does the crown chakra represent?

The crown chakra is where we know and understand our place in the cosmos. This is where we feel “one with everything” and experience awareness of ourselves as a Divine being.

This is where we experience faith and surrender. If your goal is to expand your consciousness or walk a spiritual growth path, keeping your crown chakra clear and balanced is essential.

The crown chakra is where we open to an awareness of what lies beyond our individual ego. That can mean openness to universal consciousness, feeling part of the natural world, or learning about our place in history. This is also where we connect to our Spirit guides and higher self.

The key words here are expansion, awareness, and openness. By being open, we allow the outside world to influence, change, and transform us. This leads to wisdom, and ultimately, to enlightenment.

What are the symptoms of a blocked or weak crown chakra?

Alienation & Anger at the Universe

A blocked crown chakra can manifest as a deep feeling of alienation or spiritual disconnection. You may feel a sense of anger or betrayal at the Universe. Maybe it feels like you were not given what you asked for or feel you are entitled to in life.

Disconnection & Confusion

You may simply feel like there is nothing there when you consider what is beyond your human life. Some people who identify as agnostic simply do not feel any connection to Spirit, so they assume it does not exist.

A weak crown chakra can show up as a sense of bewilderment or confusion, or general lack of insight into the direction of your life.

Chakras all work together and balance each other, so when one is weak others will become too strong. An overactive crown chakra that is not balanced with a strong root chakra can manifest as being ungrounded and focusing all your attention on spiritual matters while being unable to function on a practical level.

Fanaticism & Rigidity

When the crown chakra is overactive, it leads to rigid beliefs about spirituality or life. You believe you see it all, you have special access to the truth, and you know what is Right for Everyone. Here is where you find fanatics, cult leaders, and fundamentalists.

Physical Symptoms

Physical symptoms of an imbalanced crown chakra can include dizziness and cognitive or neurological issues, as well as brain fog and headaches.

What does a healthy crown chakra feel like?

Trust in the Universe

When your crown chakra is healthy, open, and balanced, you feel your connection with All That Is on a daily basis. This leads to a trust that good things will happen if you let go and go with the flow. And they usually do! You feel surrounded by a bubble of Divine love and supported to live your best life.

Live and Let Live

When you can sense the Divine in each person, you recognize they are all here to have their own unique experience, and you support them to do that. You accept and celebrate diversity and wish the best for everyone you meet.

High Awareness

When your crown chakra is healthy, you are able to easily understand new information and integrate it with your existing knowledge. You notice details in the world around you and are very perceptive. This holistic awareness produces insights and wisdom.

Which crystals help heal, clear, and balance the crown chakra?

Clear, white, or purple crystals are associated with the crown chakra.

Amethyst is a commonly available purple variety of quartz. It protects through purifying negative energy, clearing energetic distractions and supporting clarity in intuitive work.
Quartz is a silicon dioxide and probably the most well-known of all the crystals. It has many industrial uses as well as being used metaphysically as a support for all goals and intentions.
Diamonds are one of the most coveted precious gemstones in the world. The healing properties of diamond are to support you to step into your spiritual power and radiate your Light in the world.
Moonstone is a form of feldspar that is milky-white and has iridescence. It evokes a feeling of mystery and magic, and helps with intuition and connection with the Divine Feminine.
Charoite is a unique purple stone found only in Siberia. It helps the wearer integrate spiritual awareness into everyday life and see the larger patterns at play in common occurrences.
Selenite purifies your aura as well as other crystals, and can be used to activate the Soul Star chakra to connect with your Higher Self.

Besides crystals, how can I support the crown chakra?

First, make sure you are supporting your lower chakras, especially the root chakra. The chakras are a system that works together, and often an issue with the crown chakra can actually be a weak lower chakra that is causing the upper chakras to be out of balance. I recommend a chakra body layout (where you lay crystals on each chakra) to work with the entire chakra system at once.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can support your crown chakra specifically:

  • meditate on the awareness of yourself as Divine
  • study spiritual texts or attend a regular religious service
  • work with spiritual healers and astrologers to understand why you came to Earth and what your purpose is. Akashic readings are especially helpful. (I love Anna Sayce’s approach).
  • decorate with and wear white and purple
  • take long walks in nature, and feel your connection to the natural world
  • lay outside at night and stare at the stars

Crown Chakra Affirmations

  • I know myself as a child of God.
  • I am related to every living being on Earth.
  • My soul is eternal.
  • Every atom in my body was once part of something else.
  • My mirror shows me the face of the Divine.
  • I am surrounded by Divine love.
  • I support the Divine beings around me to follow their unique path.
  • I let go and let the river of life carry me where I need to go.
  • I let my life unfold in Divine right timing.
  • I step back and observe the world with wide-open awareness.
  • I am open to learning new things every day.
  • I let myself be touched by the beauty I see around me.