Amber Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Amber

Top 3 Benefits of Amber

  1. Supports a warm, light-hearted mood
  2. Supports physical wellbeing and healing
  3. Purifies negative or stuck energy

While technically not a crystal, amber has long been worn for its healing properties. You can think of it as solidified solar energy or light, as well as part of an ancient tree or plant that lived many eons ago.

To get a sense of amber’s unique properties, imagine laying outside on a warm sunny day, closing your eyes and just basking in the sunlight. Let the warmth of the sun fill your entire being with radiant Light energy. Open your eyes refreshed, happy, and ready for life. You can carry that inner glow with you throughout the day with amber.

Amber supports physical wellbeing and is recommended if you are in recovery from illness or injury. It strengthens your inner reserves and will to persevere towards health. It also helps purify negative energy and transmute it into lighter, healthier energies. As a stone of Light, it can help lift spirits, especially if you suffer from the winter blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or wish you lived in a warmer climate.

As a form of ancient fossilized life, amber can help you in working with your ancestral lineage, and clearing multigenerational trauma, as well as working with your personal karma and past lives.

Amber Gemstone Information

Amber is fossilized tree resin that formed 40-60 million years ago. It has been used for jewelry throughout human history–amber beads have been found that date back to 2000 B.C. In the Middle Ages, amber was used to make rosary beads. Specimens range from transparent to opaque and often have bits of fossilized plant or insect matter trapped inside them. The Baltic Sea region is known for its high-quality amber.
Copal and amber are sometimes confused. Copal is also solidified tree resin, but not ancient like amber. Copal is softer, and you can do a simple test to tell the difference: copal will become soft and sticky if exposed to a few drops of acetone (nail polish remover), while it will have no effect on true amber.

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