Smoky Quartz Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz

Top 3 Benefits of Smoky Quartz

  1. Stabilizes your energy if you are frazzled or overwhelmed
  2. Clears and purifies negative energy
  3. Helps you take practical steps to create your dreams

Smoky quartz is one of the best grounding stones. “Grounding” means if you feel spaced out or overwhelmed, it can help you settle into your body and feel calm and steady.

Clearing Energy

The Earth energy of smoky quartz is the source of its clearing power. It can transmute negative energy by grounding it in the Earth–the ultimate healing energy field.

You may be familiar with the exercise of imagining a “grounding cord” connecting your root chakra to the Earth in order to release any negative energy and draw up Earth energy. Smoky quartz acts in a similar way, connecting us to the Earth so we can rely upon it for energetic management.

Settling Into the Body

Many sensitive and intuitive people walk around with a sense that they don’t belong here, or they don’t really want to be incarnate in a body. The harshness of the world can be overwhelming and there is a tendency to want to escape.

Smoky quartz can help address that in two ways. First, by clearing the energy field, it makes the body a more stable and inviting place to inhabit. Second, by re-establishing a connection to the Earth, something deep inside relaxes and there is a sense of coming home.

Getting Practical

It is crucial for people working with higher planes or doing psychic work to remain grounded so they can maintain their practical life and translate their insights into action.

This includes brilliant artists who work from inspiration but can’t keep their bills paid. Stones like smoky quartz help heal and activate the root chakra so a person can have both feet on the ground.

Smoky quartz can help anyone put their practical life in order. If you are doing your taxes, filling out loan applications, or other work that requires focus and patience, smoky quartz can help keep you on task.

Smoky Quartz Mineral & Gemstone Information

Smoky quartz is, you guessed it, a type of quartz. It is tan to brown and translucent to transparent. Sometimes it verges on yellow and is called smoky citrine. Clear quartz can be made into smoky quartz through irradiation (X-rays). Natural smoky quartz can be found in many countries. It can be a bit more expensive than other forms of quartz like rose quartz.

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