Lapis Lazuli Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Top 3 Benefits of Lapis Lazuli

  1. Helps you access self-knowledge
  2. Boosts psychic abilities & intuition
  3. Opens you up to spiritual guidance and Divine inspiration

Lapis Lazuli provides a gateway to deep inner knowledge and access to higher truths. If you are a psychic, visionary, artist, or seeker, lapis can deepen your access to information and inspiration from other realms.

Lapis Lazuli for Self-Knowledge

Lapis helps you sink into your own inner awareness and find your deepest truth. It supports the third-eye chakra, helping you see into your own mind and discern who you really are–your basic motivations, creative drives, and beliefs. It is also helpful for exploring past lives and discerning karmic attachments.

Lapis Lazuli for Intuition & Inspiration

Lapis supports your intuition and psychic abilities. It tends to enhance visual information the most, so it is ideal for clairvoyants. It can help you access the Akashic records and other forms of psychic knowledge.

It would also be a great stone for visionary artists who work from Divine inspiration.

Lapis Lazuli Mineral & Gemstone Information

Lapis is a deep blue metamorphic rock composed chiefly of lazurite with inclusions of pyrite that make it sparkle and white streaks from calcite. It has been prized by humans for jewelry and decoration since ancient times, being found in ancient Egypt and the Indus Valley Civilization. Before synthetic dyes were invented, it was ground into powder to use as a blue pigment.

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