Petrified Wood Meaning & Properties

Spiritual & Healing Properties

Petrified wood carries a vast sense of time and the wisdom that comes along with it. As an everyday stone, it’s great to pick up when you need to be more grounded and steady. For more in-depth work, petrified wood can be used to heal family patterns rooted in the past.

These stones are connected to both the root chakra (grounding) and the third eye chakra (the center of insight, awareness, & awakening). This gives petrified wood its ability to help you translate spiritual insight and awareness into real change in your physical life.

Healing from Intergenerational Trauma

Energetic patterns of trauma get passed down from generation to generation and can exert profound effects on you. Growing up with them as part of your family system, they can feel normal to you. You don’t even realize they are affecting you negatively.

They can show up as limiting beliefs that you find it difficult to get past no matter how hard you try. You can find yourself stuck in the same belief systems or hitting the same barrier over and over in your efforts to create the life you want.

Petrified wood helps you access both past life memories and the Akashic records. Both can help you recognize and release the energetic patterns that have been passed down through your DNA. You will then be free to determine your personal beliefs for yourself, and choose the ones that work for you.

This frees up an immense amount of energy and creativity that you can apply to manifest your dreams and goals!

Coping With Transformation and Change

Petrified wood is intimately connected with transformation, evolution, and staying the course.

When you feel “uprooted” due to a transition or rapid transformation, petrified wood can help you regain a sense of stability from the inside out. It can also help with overall physical stamina and perseverance if the change you are experiencing is stressful or overwhelming.

Nurturing Your Root Chakra

Petrified wood has a nurturing & healing energy that makes it a wonderful stone for root chakra healing. Imbalances in the root chakra can lead to feeling spaced out, disconnected, and feeling insecure around safety and basic needs. Petrified wood provides a sense of being calm and centered while helping you to resolve the underlying imbalance.

This stone helps you feel embodied and present in your life. while reconnecting with your instinctual knowing and the deep parts of your soul that you may have lost touch with. It makes an excellent companion for ancestor work.

Petrified wood harmonizes well with the minerals it is composed of, which is usually quartz. Pair it with bloodstone or onyx for deeper grounding, or carnelian to add the creative fire of the second chakra.

What is Petrified Wood Exactly?

Petrified wood is a fossilized ancient tree. Petrification means that over time the organic substance of the plant is replaced with minerals, usually quartz. This process is so slow that the original structure is retained down to the cellular level. You can learn more about this fascinating process here.

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