Diamond Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Diamond

Diamonds are an intense stone. Work with them when you are ready to pursue and fulfill your purpose in this lifetime. Diamonds can enhance your psychic abilities and help you open your inner channels to Divine wisdom. The special gift of diamond is in the combination of strengthening your inner power and aiding your connection to Spirit. This is a potent combination to help you live your purpose, and especially to spread Light.

As this stone has a certain intensity to it, it’s best to use it when you are fully ready for what it can offer you. If you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or depressed, try to focus first on stones that are nurturing and can support your vitality, like calcite, agate, or carnelian.

Diamond Mineral & Gemstone Information

Diamonds are made of pure carbon, and are the hardest natural mineral substance. In fact, diamonds are so hard that they can only be cut with other diamonds! Diamond saws consist of diamond dust on a metal blade.

Diamonds are commonly used in wedding and engagement rings to mark their importance, and in other jewelry as a sign of status.

Raw Diamonds Diamonds are pricey when polished and set, but for crystal work, rough or raw diamonds are perfect (and much more affordable!).

Simulated & Synthetic Diamonds When shopping for diamonds be aware that “synthetic” diamonds means diamonds that are created in a lab, while “simulated” diamonds means other stones that can look similar to diamonds like white topaz, sapphire, spinel or cubic zirconia.

Herkimer Diamonds These are not diamonds, they are quartz crystals in a diamond shape.

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