Kunzite Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Kunzite

Top 3 Benefits of Kunzite

  1. Restore your innate connection to Divine Love
  2. Helps you release heartbreak and open to unconditional love
  3. Increases self-acceptance and compassion

Is your heart hurting? Do you feel disconnected from your heart’s wisdom? Kunzite can help you!

Kunzite is a stone of Divine Love, which is the ocean of love we are all swimming in but often are unable to feel. Kunzite helps you reconnect with that endless source of love so you feel loved no matter what.

Our hearts are the parts of us that are always in connection with our true, authentic self, and with the abundance of love available in the Universe. Kunzite helps restore the connection between our hearts and this eternal source of wisdom, peace, and joy.

The feeling of Divine Love is a pervasive sense of wellbeing, relaxation, and simple contentment. There is nothing to do and nowhere to get to because everything is already OK and you are exactly who you are meant to be and where you are meant to be. All is well.

This feeling of Divine Love is a big contrast to our normal mode of busy-ness and striving. This is why it’s so important to tap into this feeling on a regular basis, to balance out the achievement-oriented culture we live in.

Connecting to Divine Love helps us relax into a sense of ease in which we know our daily efforts are not what make us valuable. We have inherent value that can never diminish or change. This frees up energy to do what brings us joy, rather than trying to earn a sense of belonging.

Kunzite can also help if you are unsure what brings you joy or what direction to go in. The whisper of your heart can be hard to hear–holding kunzite in quiet meditation can help you sink into your heart and let it speak to you.

Kunzite Mineral & Gemstone Information

Kunzite is a pink stone that is a form of spodumene. It is naturally pale, but can be heat-treated to deepen its color. It is named after George Kunz, who discovered it in 1902.

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