Celestite Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Celestite

Top 3 Benefits of Celestite

  1. Helps you communicate with your guardian angels
  2. Brings soothing and uplifting energy to your environment
  3. Supports staying at a high vibration

Celestite is a gentle, uplifting stone that has a sweet, soothing energy. It purifies and stimulates the third-eye chakra and crown chakra, helping you tune into your guides and angels and access higher states of consciousness.

Celestite makes a great addition to a room dedicated to healing or meditation. It gently uplifts and purifies the energy in a room, supporting any activity aimed at inner reflection, spiritual awareness, or connecting to intuitive guidance. Celestite has a special connection to the angelic realm, and serves as a kind of beacon for angels and Divine healing energy.

If you are working on keeping your vibration positive and serene, celestite can be an excellent support to carry with you or hold while meditating.

Celestite Mineral & Gemstone Information

Celestite (also called Celestine) is a mineral made of strontium sulfate. It is relatively soft in terms of stones, sitting at around a 3-3.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This means it’s important to protect any celestite jewelry or crystals from getting scratched from harder stones.

While celestine can be found in a variety of colors, it’s generally the light blue-gray variety that is sold as a gemstone or crystal. Light blue celestite is often found in geodes or formed into clusters.

Ohio Celestite is a variety of blue celestite that is found in Ohio that forms into tabular crystals. They are popular with energy workers because their form makes them easier to work with than the clusters of crystals that celestite usually forms in. Clusters are better for environmental effects because their energy goes in all directions, whereas tabular crystals are move focused in one direction.

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