Picture Jasper Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Picture Jasper

Top 3 Benefits of Picture Jasper

  1. Connection to Gaia, the consciousness of the Earth
  2. Ideal for use in Earth magick and rituals
  3. Helps you feel like you belong on Earth

Picture Jasper has a special connection to the Earth and can help you find one as well.

Most of us in modern life have much less of a connection to the Earth than our ancestors were used to. We don’t farm, hunt, or live close to the land. This can lead to a sense of alienation and loneliness on a deep level that is hard to name and harder to fix.

If you have ever felt like you don’t belong on this planet, Picture Jasper can help ground you in a sense of belonging to the Earth. Hold a piece of Picture Jasper in your hand and quiet your mind. Asked to be shown how you are connected to the Earth and receive any messages that Gaia has for you. Share what you are struggling with around belonging and ask for help in feeling your connection on a regular basis.

Picture Jasper is also ideal for use in magickal rituals working with the Earth element, shamanic journeying, and working with ley lines or sacred sites.

Picture Jasper Mineral & Gemstone Information

Picture Jasper is a type of Jasper, which is an opaque form of Quartz. It forms within molten lava in layers that resemble a landscape.

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