Peridot Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Peridot

Top 3 Benefits of Peridot

  1. Attracts abundance & prosperity
  2. Lifts your mood
  3. Helps you live your best life

Peridot is an abundance and prosperity stone. However, its energy affects not just money and resources but all areas of your life where you want more of what is good and wholesome for you.

The energy of peridot is warm and light, like laying in a meadow on a sunny spring day. It brings that energy to your work-life and business endeavors, helping you expand on your success. It would be a great gemstone to wear to an interview to help you put your best foot forward and increase the positive vibes in the room.

Abundance is often blocked by self-worth issues and trouble receiving. Peridot helps resolve those blocks so you can manifest your natural birthright of abundance.

Peridot Mineral & Gemstone Information

Peridot is a gem-quality variety of olivine, a magnesium iron silicate mineral. Peridot crystals range in color from light yellow-green to olive green. The intensity of the color depends on how much iron it contains. Olivine is common but gem-quality peridot is rare. Peridot is the birthstone of August.

How do you pronounce peridot? There is some debate about that, but you can actually say it either “pear-i-doe” (rhymes with snow) or “pear-i-dot” (rhymes with hot).


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