Morganite Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Morganite

Top 3 Benefits of Morganite

  1. Healing from emotional trauma & loss.
  2. Emotional nurturing & feeling Divine Love.
  3. Joy, peace, and a light heart.

Morganite helps you tap into Divine Love, heal heartbreak, and transform grief into wisdom. It is a stone that can lift the burden of sorrows and bring joy, peace, and an uplifting sense of lightness into your life.

Heartbreak and loss can shatter our ability to feel connected to the Source of all love. We can feel alienated and isolate ourselves in a private space of torment & self-recrimination, revisiting old wounds & spinning in painful emotions. Morganite helps to interrupt that spiral and reconnect you to the flow of Love that permeates the Universe. This is how it heals the heart.

Being connected to Divine love helps you see the larger pattern & purpose behind emotional trauma. This integration period is essential to fully experience, integrate, and release past painful experiences. Morganite helps this process be less painful and more fruitful by helping you trust the process and relax the defenses guarding your heart.

The end result of this emotional process is the attainment of wisdom and compassion that can only come through the lived experience of being broken open and returning to wholeness.

Morganite Mineral & Gemstone Information

Morganite is a pink form of beryl, the gemstone family that also includes emerald and aquamarine. Morganite is priced based on its translucency, so more opaque pieces are less expensive than the high-grade pieces that are facted for rings and other fine jewelry.

Type of:

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