Aquamarine Meaning & Properties

Healing Properties of Aquamarine

Top 3 Benefits of Aquamarine

  1. Release old attachments and “baggage”, from grief to grudges to clutter
  2. Transform the effects of trauma from anger & fear to wisdom & compassion
  3. Access the power of the Divine Feminine to transform & heal

Aquamarine is strongly associated with the water element, and thus the unconscious and our emotions. It is cooling, calming, and refreshing, like a dip in a mountain spring. It brings clarity and wisdom to emotional conversations, enabling the speaking of inner truth with love and compassion. As a water stone, it helps with letting go, and is thus helpful for working through grief or releasing old attachments or patterns.

Aquamarine for Letting Go

Imagine being in the “river of life” and holding onto a boulder. You would get buffeted as the water tries to move you along while you resist. Aquamarine encourages you to let go and trust that life is good and you are supported by Divine timing. You do not have to push and strive to create everything good in your life–you can relax into the blessings that are available to you from Spirit.

“Holding on” can manifest in different ways for different people. You might hold on to “stuff”, keeping items you no longer need and could be useful to others. You might hold onto grudges, keeping track of hurts and slights. You might hold onto the past, always thinking of people who have left your life for one reason or another. Aquamarine gently encourages you to let go of the past and be present to the blessings in your life today.

Think of Elsa singing, “Let it go, let it go!” from the movie Frozen and you’ll get a sense of the power of aquamarine to help in releasing old patterns that no longer serve you! However, instead of needing to run away and live in an ice castle for a week, aquamarine works in a gentle and supportive way to help you transform from the inside out. 🙂

Aquamarine for Clear Communication

Communication involves the throat chakra, but also the heart, as you put your inner truth into words. Aquamarine helps heal the connection between the two, so you can speak what is in your heart. It also cools intense emotions like anger and fear, helping you communicate gently but firmly without being overly emotional. This makes it much more likely you will be able to be heard and communicate successfully.

Aquamarine for Healing from Trauma

Trauma lives in the body, where overwhelming emotions have become frozen and stuck in the nervous system. When you try to feel the feelings to release them, they quickly become overpowering and you retreat from the edge so you won’t drown in them. Aquamarine is at home in the watery world of emotions, and can help you work with these strong emotional currents while staying above them, sort of like standing on a bridge over a raging river. This allows you to be present to the feelings, mindfully witness them, while letting them run their course and resolve themselves.

How to Use Aquamarine

For deep inner work around letting go, meditation is the best way to use aquamarine. Hold it in your receptive hand (so if you are right-handed, hold it in your left), and let yourself relax and just absorb the energy for 20 minutes or more, on a daily or regular basis.

For help with communication, or just for daily support, wear it as a necklace, where it will sit right between your heart and throat chakra, supporting and integrating them both.

Aquamarine Mineral & Gemstone Information

Aquamarine is pale blue colored beryl. Beryl is a family of stones including emerald (green beryl), morganite (pink beryl), and other colors including clear. Chemically, beryl is beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate.

While pale aquamarine lacking complete transparency can be inexpensive, the deeper and clearer the color, the more expensive it is. Sometimes blue topaz is sold as aquamarine, as they can appear quite similar. While synthetic aquamarine is possible, it is usually not worth the cost to produce it given the amount of natural aquamarine available. Aquamarine of often heat-treated to stabilize the color.

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