How Do Beliefs Limit Your Manifesting Wealth? (+ What to Do About It)

Wealth is your birthright. 

Do you believe that?

Most people tend to see wealth as a ladder. There are a few at the top, and the rest of us are at the bottom. To get higher, you have to pull other people off or climb over them.

But that’s not what wealth is. Wealth is a river. Wealth is a living energy that flows through every part of the economy and touches everyone.

Wealth is for everyone, not just a few.

The best thing you can do to increase your wealth & abundance today and every day is to affirm your place in that river. Everyone has a birthright to it. It is for all.

What takes us out of alignment is our belief that this wealth is not available to us and it’s only the birthright of a few lucky people.

Since we have free will and the Universe always says “yes”, it will say yes to this belief. It’s up to you to change your belief.

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How to Change Your Beliefs About Wealth

There are two basic aspects to changing a belief:

  1. undoing the formation of the old belief
  2. practicing the new belief.

It’s easy to see how we all formed this belief that wealth is not available to us just by looking at current reality. You don’t have to have any particular money trauma or history of poverty to start believing what you see with your own eyes.

How many times have you heard “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”? The data bears this out. The stark reality is that the wealth in the economy is not distributed evenly in any way, and it’s getting worse. That’s real.

But if you want to create something new, you can’t base it on what you see. You have to deconstruct what you see and form a belief that you choose.

Just because wealth is distributed the way it is doesn’t mean it’s not available to you. The belief that you want to tackle is the way you personalize this reality and let it set the boundaries on your life. You don’t have to do this.

But I see some people using affirmations like, “I am wealthy” and “Wealth comes to me every day”. If you try to affirm this, you will hit immediate inner resistance because you are trying to tell yourself a lie.

Don’t Lie to Yourself With Affirmations

A better belief would be, wealth is available to me. 

This shouldn’t cause an inner argument because it doesn’t contradict what you see. This is critical because that inner argument with reality is resistance. We don’t want that because it will interfere with your manifesting.

But the idea that it is available is true because it’s about a possibility. Just because there are no flowers growing on a patch of land doesn’t mean a seed couldn’t land there and grow tomorrow. So you are only disengaging your belief of what is possible with what currently is. 

Using this kind of affirmation you can align with what is literally true.  You want to feel the truth of an affirmation in your bones so you can fully get behind it.

That’s why I work with wealth is available to me and wealth is for everyone, not just a few. The first is a statement of possibility, and the second is a personal belief. Neither of these contradicts reality, but both change my vibration and thus attract different circumstances.

Crystals for Manifesting Wealth

Let’s talk manifesting crystals!

Abundance is about receiving and believing you are worthy, a fourth chakra issue. Green stones like aventurine and emerald are recommended (I LOVE my emerald, and if you are worried they are expensive, raw emeralds are pretty affordable).

Manifesting, however, is about your will and creating what you want in the world. This is a solar plexus chakra area, so citrine, pyrite, and yellow calcite are more appropriate.

Manifesting Wealth Crystal Grid. Learn crystal healing at #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalcuriousWorking with both a green crystal and yellow crystal is ideal. You can wear them, meditate with them, or make a crystal grid. Crystal grids sound complex but you can make it simple. For a basic grid, you just need one or more focus stones and six supporting stones. Clear quartz is an ideal support because it magnifies any intention.

I am currently working with a grid with a large yellow calcite and emerald in the center, surrounded by six clear quartz points. I started with my flower of life crystal grid template (free download) and placed a written intention underneath. I added an aventurine bracelet that has personal significance, and a clear quartz necklace for extra magnification mojo. I encourage you to make grids with what you have on hand and use your intuition–crystals are about intention and energy, it’s not an exact science. Use the crystals that feel right to you for your exact intention and have fun with it!

Heart + Will = Wealth

Why is the combo of yellow crystals and green crystals so powerful? Because the basis of manifesting is Divine Love. It is the universe saying “yes” to your heart’s desire that you choose to ask for and receive. Because even though we may desire something in our hearts, because of free will, we have to actually ask and receive to have it.

So the solar plexus crystals help align your personal will with Divine will and believe in yourself and own your power to create. The heart crystals help align your heart with Divine Love and believe in your worthiness and become open to receiving.

Together, they help you align to manifest your true desires with Divine power, and there’s nothing more powerful than that!

My Favorite Book on Manifesting You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The following recommendations are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commision, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through that link. See my full disclosure here.

If you want more help with changing your beliefs so you can manifest wealth, I have a recommendation. This book is out of print but you can still get it used on Amazon. It’s called Manifesting for Non-Gurus. (Update: It’s also  available as an ebook!)

It’s very approachable and goes step-by-step to explain how to change your mindset to create lasting change. Because you really can’t manifest something just by thinking about it once, at least nobody I know can. It takes a concentrated effort to change your vibrational set-point. And that starts with changing your beliefs. This book leads you through exactly how to do that and it’s dead simple.

Happy manifesting!